Many people are still saddled with outdated MLM training and ideas of how the ancient multilevel companies were run in the 60’s and 70’s. Remember that we are already in the new millennium, people.

And the trainings in MLM

that we have today had

already grown pass those


Some of the more successful marketers have the fortune to have undergone the proper MLM training to make them more profitable than others. What is the main secret they have learned in MLM schooling?

The secret is choosing a team with an skilled coach who will train, direct and motivate you towards achievement.

Of course there are other factors to consider such as the financial backing of the company, timing, the compensation plan and marketing a consumable product. But if you are not correctly trained and motivated through those early months you are practically doomed to failure.

But think about it. Every proficient businessperson or athlete has a coach to foster in the teaching. Why should it be different in MLM marketing?

In MLM marketing, you are able establish your venture for less than $500 and actually pick the coach or leader who will be training you. Of course this will involve doing some research on the team leader you decide to work with. But in the end, it will be a time worth spending.

Here are some key points that will

benefit you when seeking out the

“correct coach” who will mentor you

in your MLM instruction.

1. Investigate that he or she has a sound track record.

A talented mentor will also establish their worth in the outcome produced. Generally speaking, you will not rise higher than your upline, so know how high you want to reach and focus on a leader who can help you get the results you desire.

2. Find someone with several years of experience in MLM training..

You are looking for a person who will be like the northern star; bright and steady. Successful network marketers are the ones who are in it for the long haul. Many networkers give up too quickly and never reap the rewards.

Pick a leader who has been through some ups and downs in MLM and can now be objective in choosing a company that is most likely to remain solid for many years to com.

3. Choose someone who knows how to market.

Network marketing is just that: marketing via networking. A crucial part of the equation is the effective marketing of your business.

Marketing can eat up a small budget very rapidly. Therefore, you must learn what marketing techniques work and what does not work so that you can expend your advertising dollars most effectively.

Your goal is maximum returns for your money. Leverage is the key to network marketing. Which translates into small effort and great gain.

Find someone who will guide you on how to use MLM tools such as teleconferencing, voice mail, direct mail, the Internet and broadcast media. This is a business so you have to treat it like one.

4. Choose somebody who always studies the industry.

Anyone who claims to be a professional will subscribe to magazines in his area of expertise, attend seminars to keep abreast of what’s happening and keep his MLM training pulse on the industry.

Pick intelligently. The right opportunity and company may be the vehicle to your success but an effective MLM training coach is like gas in your tank.

A good marketing system is the key to all leaders in the industry.  An ideal marketing system is one that allows you to have multiple streams of income and a built in training platform that helps you to train your new distributors on auto pilot.  A system that trains your distributors on how to duplicate your success. At the same time it provides a means to monetize all the people who say no to your primary opportunity. This is the marketing system that I personally use to market and train my downline.  It is the #1 market system on internet and you can get more information on this by filling out the form below.


If you know what you’re doing, recruiting in MLM could be as straightforward as to riding a bicycle, then  again if you don’t what you are doing it may seem as diffucult as rocket science. Unfortunately, 9  out 10 individuals that are involved in a mlm company do not know how to do it, they go after friends and family to try to persuade THEM that this is a great opportunity, when you do that you turn into a  salesperson. If you become skilled at These 2 simple methods, you will be a recruiting machine!

Step 1: Realize Who Are The Right People For Your Opportunity.

The majority of network marketers are introducing their opportunity to a group of people that have a  “security mentality” “a 9 to 5 job mentality”, now there is nothing wrong with that but you want  to stay away from them because they have no aspiration to start their own business, there are  exceptions to the rule bust must likely they never will. These prospects are recognized as your warm  market. The right person is someone who voluntarily takes action to discover more about an opportunity or service that you have. Otherwise, they are the inappropriate prospects. Think of yourself. How do you feel  when your are out with your family and your cell phone rings with a telemarketer on the other end  begging you into buying a product or service when you never requested for information in the first  place. It can be quite annoying. That’s like network marketers approaching someone they know or don’t know for that matter about what they have to offer when no one ask for it.

Step 2: Learn How To Have Your Prospects Come To You.

Instead of wasting away time, effort and money chasing after the inappropriate individuals, why not just  learn how to have the right kind of prospects chase you instead. Can you imagine having 10 people a day contacting you about your opportunity? You do this by introducing a solution to their  problem. They will static to raise their hand and want more information. What to you have now?  Hungry quality prospects approaching to you looking to discover more about your product or service that  you have to offer. It is also a good idea throughout this process to take the time to forge a  connection with them to build trust. People do business with people they like and trust. This is done by mentoring and providing value. At this point, you can also introduce your opportunity to these same prospects and if the timing is appropriate, those that enjoy the value you provide and see  you as a leader will be more willing to take a look at what you have to offer. However, for all this to work you must be targeting the proper prospects to begin with. This is what’s known as Autopilot recruiting.

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EFusjon has gotten a lot of exposure on the web recently.  It is a fairly new company that’s had quite a bit of buzz about it. Is this going to be another here today gone tomorrow company or will they sub-stain for the long term.  The main thing to remember with any new company is do your homework and make sure it is right for you.

Is Efusjon for real yes it is not a scam or anything of that nature and it really comes down to a few basic principles that I would like to address.

If you have read any of my other reviews and opinions you will know that I evaluate 3 basic concepts -product, management, marketing story.

Efusjon is a network marketing company that was started with energy drink and there has been so much buzz lately on the social networking seen it seems like its everywhere on Facebook these days. They also claim to have some application that is going to revolutionize the industry on Facebook. I’ve even seen someone who got the logo of their drink tattooed on their back

Now from my personal perspective I think this will fall short and here is why, Social Media Facebook, Myspace and such are places where people socialize and tell about what they are going to do for dinner, weekend, post pictures and just plain talk about just about anything that comes to mind. They typically don’t want commercials and or pitched on a business opportunity. Social media is growing but at the same time it is important to realize that people do business with people they gain a trust and have a relationship with.  Efusjon in my opinion the social aspect won’t last the long haul simply because they are going about the social media marketing the wrong way.   Simply put they are not creating any value in the market place and at the end of the day people get turned off by this.

Now another concern I have is Efusjon’s product to me being an energy drink in my opinion this is just one of what we call the “me too” product there are a ton of them out there and as such unless they possibly get some strong leaders with a huge list to come on board I don’t truly see it being a long term play.  You might see a short run but after a bit considering the price point it will fade in my opinion.  Now I evaluate companies all the time and being in the position I am and people approach me daily with these things and I try and pick them apart and learn from each one.

The Efusjon Energy Club just isn’t the be all and the end all of Network Marketing. To all of my readers and visitors – I wish you the best of luck and prosperity in whatever business you choose, and if it’s Efusjon – my hats off to you  in your endeavors and be fruitfull.

Look I’m not saying to not join Efusjon or if you are already in Efusjon that you should look for a better, more viable product to market – I’m just providing my viewpoint from my own observation in the marketplace.  If you are going to build an Efusjon business, I hope that this review helped you to gain some insight into some of the reasons why not all prospects will join you in your business.

Just remember this don’t get caught up in all the hype make an intelligent decision based on facts and then decide if you truly are ready to bank your future success on this type of business model.   If that works for you I say great my hat is off to you for truly wanting to make a difference for your family and your financial future.  If not search out something and remember that the three things that are very important Product must be something worthwhile, must have great management backing it for long term growth,  Have a marketing blueprint system that is easy for you to follow that will allow anyone to duplicate easily and effectively.  No matter what company you decide to pursue make sure you have a marketing system in place to grow your business.

Also, if you’re teetering on the edge and some of what I said here today struck you, and you know you feel the same – why not find another opportunity that might be more suited to you than Efusjon?  With hundreds of products you might find something that will jive better with you and you will be able to feel a little more passionate.  Remember this if you seriously want to develop a serious income make sure whatever company you choose that you have the serious blueprint system that you can follow to make sure you are successful.

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