It’s reported that facebook soon will be approaching 1 billion users. Imagine learning how to tap into this mass of potential prospects and attract them to you on facebook.

Honestly, if you had the knowledge to build your business on facebook with just a few hours a day would you do it?

Well I recently was exposed to a training video of how 2 BROKE MUSICIANS have been using Facebook to go from having less than $40 in their bank account to making 5 FIGURES IN ONLY 7 DAYS.

This training is part of paid training membership but I scored big for you and they are letting me offer this to you for a limited time for FREE. I’m not sure how long they will be giving this information away for FREE as the tips and strategies they share in it are so powerful and valuable they should be charging at least a couple hundred
dollars for it. So I suggest you act fast before they take this down.

Implement this training into your business and watch results follow.

Here a few of the strategies they cover:

*Where FaceBook keeps their coveted “FaceBook PhoneBook,” and how you can get instant access to HUNDREDS of leads you already generated, but didn’t even know you had!

*A crazy slick Google Chrome plug-in for FaceBook that will save you HOURS of time.

*How they leveraged FaceBook to get a blog ranked in the top .1% of websites in the world!

*Why they get well over 1,000 unique visitors to their site for free per day thanks to FaceBook.

*How they took a “No-Technical” approach to FaceBook and made more money because of it

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As part of a membership to some exclusive training I was recently
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tactics he has been using.

On an exclusive recorded webinar he reveals how to Generate Free Leads for network marketers online from dozens of sources that I never even thought about until I watched his presentation.

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  • COI

  • Direct Calls

  • $10,000 Referral Letter

  • Meet-Up Groups

  • Voice Brodcasting

  • Drop Cards

  • Yard Signs



  • Carreerbuilder

  • List Builders






  • Genealogy Lists

  • Infomercial Marketing

  • Public Speaker Approach

  • Radio Talk Show

  • Conventions & Trade Shows

  • Fish Bowl Prospecting

  • Situational Marketing

  • Affinity Group Marketing

This webinar is 84 minutes of the most explosive pure value packed content I have seen. It takes you deep into the marketing mind of a 7 Figure Earner and gives to you the exact Ads he used, Scripts he spoke, and the Websites he leveraged to build a $1,000,000 Network Marketing Empire in under 3 years, and how you can to.

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Your success with any online network marketing business is dependent on your ability to obtain a steady and consistent flow of quality network marketing leads. Marketing your online business is critical to its overall success. The fact is 95% of those who join a network marketing business fail. Most quit for the fallowing reasons.

1. Lack of Marketing Training

2. Lack of Leads

3. Lack of Branding

4. Lack of Marketing System

5. Lack of Replication

But the good news is their is a solution for all these problems. You just need to seek out the proper advise from a professional who has already overcome those problems. Having a good marketing system in place and and a Mentor to guide you will greatly increase your odds for success in any online network marketing business.

Below are some common network marketing lead generation methods use by most leaders in the industry. some of which are totally free and some are paid methods.

Free Network Marketing

Lead Generation Methods:

1. Article Marketing

2. Social Media – Face Book,

LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

3. Video Marketing –

YouTube, Viddler, etc.

4. Posting on Forums

5. Flyers and Dropcards

6. Word of mouth – Family,

friends, co-workers,

neighbors, etc.

When you are first starting out with a marketing strategy it is recommended to only pick one method and really commit to learning it to the point of getting regular leads from it. Then move onto the other methods and do the same. By just implementing a few of these methods you can very easily be generating an excess of 50-100 leads per day. However it does not happen over night. But with a steady and consistent effort you will
see results. Some of the obstacles you will encounter can also be minimized by having a personal mentor and coach.

Then there are paid network marketing leads. You should only use these methods if you have a budget to do so.

Paid Network Marketing

Lead Methods:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

2. Solo Ads / eZine advertising

3. List Builders E mailers

4. Buy cold leads and

semi-warm leads

5. Paid Ads newspapers, magazines,

online classified, etc.

With the paid methods you can expect faster results but sometimes the lead quality can be low. You may get a lot of leads but many of the prospects will simply be tire kickers and not really the type of person you would like in your business. But, absolutely if you have the funds the leads come rushing in if done correctly. I feel that the best course of action is to blend some of both methods after the business starts generating income. There are different ways to look at how a business should be built and having a fast start only means you are not learning the foundation that your team members will need to know at some point.

The best way to ensure your success in the network marketing industry is by utilizing a marketing system that provides access to all the tools and training you require to achieve this success. Statistics show that over 95% of people do not succeed in this business, but it is not because it doesn’t work. At the end of the day you get out of your business what you put into it. Many people get overloaded with information and spend too much time researching and not enough doing.

Follow one of these basic methods described here whether it’s Free or Paid and with persistence you will have success. Your odds can be greatly increased quickly and with less frustration with the help of an  mentor. Many successful leaders have used or still have one or more mentors helping them reach even higher goals.

I can assist you with you network marketing lead generation goals. Call me and I will be happy to give you advise and point you in the right direction to help you with your success.

Craig Anderson

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