Network Marketing- Top Lies People Say About Their Opportunity.

by Craig Anderson · 2 comments

In my experience the biggest reason that people are skeptical about getting involved with a network marketing business opportunity is because many are flat out lied to. After they are lied to by their sponsor they they get false expectations and when those expectations are not met, they become upset and blame the company,or the industry itself. However there is a logical way to evaluate any networking business as well as the person who is inviting you to look at it before you get involved. If you know what to look for you will be better equipped to recognize the truth and make an informed and intelligent decision. The fallowing are some common lies you need to be aware of when you evaluate any opportunity.

Lie # 1- You will get rich overnight.

One of the biggest things to question is how some
“Joe Schmo” made $20,000 the first week he was involved. 99.9% of the time it never happened or they are leaving out some element of their story that makes it nearly impossible to duplicate. Short sighted network marketing business opportunity companies that try to “buy” loyalty from existing leaders and cut them a huge check to come on board is NOT duplicatable so you should NOT take the success of someone else making a ton of money in a short period of time seriously. Anyone that tells you that Network Marketing is some sort of a get rich quick scheme is probably going broke and if they only broke that cycle and started plugging away at something that would produce a residual income, in 3-12 months they could have a decent way to make money. By its nature, network marketing is a long term business.

Lie Number 2 – It’s Easy.

Many time people are told network marketing is easy and
they translate that to mean they can put very little time and effort into it and not take it seriously. What’s easy is coming home and doing the same thing you have always done. Watching TV, complaining, hanging around the same people you always have, etc. What is EASY is staying in a job you hate and keeping your life comfortable, even if it is a comfortable misery. Looking inside of yourself to see where you can become better, ditching the bowling event to attend a presentation and working something your closest friends tell you is a scam, is not easy.

Lie Number 3 – The product doesn’t matter

In any network marking business there are always 2 products and you better believe that they both matter.
You are the number one product. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. The product your company carries is the second product and eventually, it does matter. If your product is crap, it will eventually stop selling and people will loose interest. I recently was approached by guy who asked me a few questions and
then went on to tell me how we could all be rich if we all just bought one bag of grain each month with his company. It was $70 and it was just an investment and I could throw the grain away if I wanted to. Some people actually fall for that line of crap…

Lie Number 4 – The compensation plan doesn’t matter.

Let me ask you something. If you were searching for a job, would the one that paid you more interest you more or less or does that even matter? You bet it matters!
I have a story about this. A friend of mine was involved with a network marketing business opportunity which was a juice binary company. He was placed on an inside leg and had to build both legs. He I had 9, yes, 9, 6 figure earners in my team that he brought in. Unfortunately, they were all on one leg! If you know a binary, you just cringed. It means that he did not make squat off those 6 figure earners. Let me ask you this, if you bring someone into a company, and they help make that company profitable…should you get paid? Of course you should but old school binary companies only pay you off your weaker leg. This makes the company, not the rep, very profitable. I am shocked to find old school binary companies still exist. A binary can be very lucrative but the old school way of ONLY paying you off your weaker leg is pretty tough to swallow in today’s day and age.

Lie Number 5 – Follow our mlm system so you don’t ever have to talk to friends or family.

This is probably the most popular lie today. So many people that were poorly trained and burnt out their warm markets are being promised that some magical, mystical mlm system will help them so they don’t have to have an ounce of courage. Do you know when you should NOT approach people you know? When you don’t believe in what you are doing or you are so poorly trained that you actually care if they sign up or not. If you don’t believe in what you are doing, why are you doing it? A few months ago in Vegas Mike Dillard was asked about approaching warm markets, he said, “Once you no longer care if they sign up, you should talk to them”, I could not agree more. If you are terrible at talking to people, you don’t need an mlm system, you need to get better and get trained properly. This is a main focus of mine to the people I coach.

Lie Number 6 – You can build multiple companies at the same time.

Sorry, but this is a lie. The percentage of people that have the discipline to successfully build one company is very low but when you add another one in the mix, you reduce that percentage big time. A lot of people fall prey to big marketers with a big list that DO have the ability to “make some money” from multiple companies but that is NOT duplicatible. All that accomplishes is confusing those following the big marketer and ensures they fail in ALL companies they are involved with. This makes sense as you realize that networking is NOT about your efforts but the efforts of those you bring on board. When others see you do multiple, they will try to do multiple and the whole thing collapses.

Number 7 – You have to spend a lot of money in advertising to make money

Some leaders see a rep coming in as a big dollar sign. They sell anything they possibly can to this new rep and one of the most universally accepted big dollar items, is advertising. I have seen reps come into a company for less than $500 and spend $3,000-$4,000 right away on advertising. Now, for a typical brick and mortar company or business, this is not the far from being a smart decision, but, for a network marketing business opportunity, this is terrible. Why? Because it is NOT duplicatible. Network marketing has the ability to be built WITHOUT spending tons of money on advertising and I believe it is best to do it that way as then you can help anyone achieve success even those without huge budgets. When you become profitable in your business, if you want to play with some of the profits, GO FOR IT, but, my suggestion is until you reach that point, keep that budget tight and avoid attempting to spend your way to success!

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Craig Anderson November 17, 2010 at 6:12 PM

Excellent point Marcus, network marketing is a relationship business and you have to talk to people to start a relationship.

Marcus November 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM

Hi Craig,

Well done, you have certainly covered a lot of areas that people do misunderstand about network marketing.

Of course they are all important but the one I think everybody MUST understand is that there is no way you can be a network marketer and not be prepared to talk to people. As far as I am concerned that would be like trying to be a carpenter and not wanting to work with wood!


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