Lead Generation for Network Marketing

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Drive 50+ Leads a Day to Your MLM Program & Make Money  Even If They Say No

How to drive 50 to 100 leads per day to your MLM Business.

Our Unique System does exactly that. We have combined

Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing and a Funded

Proposal all into one DYNAMIC MARKETING PROGRAM.

The Funded Proposal is a cash flow business. It is an

Automated Marketing System with a Lucrative Compensation

Plan to Create a Realistic $250K Income Potential Your

FIRST Year. It is not network marketing. It is a very

popular online business. The System Handles All Follow Up

& Closes Sales For You PLUS Get My Personal Training

Resources And Have PROS Close Your Sales For You!

My plan takes you Step by Step through every detail. There

are tutorial videos included in my full library of online

training contained within one web site. I show you exactly

what the TOP EARNERS use to make 5 and 6 figure MONTHLY

incomes. Your MLM Business will EXPLODE with new members.

You can quickly rise to the top in MLM.

Some of the key points we cover are:

Branding Yourself
MySpace Advertising
Direct Matches
YouTube (Video Marketing)
Ad Words (How to lower your costs)
PPC Campaign Builder
Zango Campaign Builder
Virul Url
Affiliate Marketing
List Builders
Ezine and Solo Ads
Free Classifieds
Forum Marketing
Content and Article Marketing
And many more tips and secrets inside the memebers


I take you by the hand and show you precisely how to

master every aspect of marketing. These are the same

methods I use every day to grow my MLM Program. I hold

nothing back!!

This system is fully automated. You will be able to create

your own capture page. You will be able to set up your

very own auto responder. As your sales funnel continues to

build and build your prospects will be offered a chance to

by any or all of your POWERFUL Affiliate tools. These

commission sales will cover your advertising expenses and

allow you to build and grow your budget over time. The end

result is tons buyers for your Funded Proposal and tons of

new members in your MLM Business.

In addition to the online training there is also a weekly

webinar that covers some of the more difficult to grasp

concepts. There is a question and answer period during the

webinar where if you are stuck on a certain feature or

tool or concept you can get help and get your questions

answered live. You will also be provided with a phone

number for any needed questions or answers.

Take a test drive today for only one dollar or log in for

FREE and get the daily and weekly training sent to your e

-mail PLUS the webinar training. If you apply just a few

of these techniques and strategies to your MLM Business

you are sure to get better results than you are getting


This is top notch information until now only used by the

elite in the business. You are about to enter a level

playing field and have access to the same tools as the Big


MLM Pro Lead Masters and Free offers a Free

Training and Tutorial web site. There are suggested

affiliate programs that will enhance your business. You

can opt out at any time or stay in as long as you like. We

strongly suggest you use the full features of the system

to get the best results. You can try for 14 days at the

cost of only 1 dollar.

I look forward to helping get More MLM Leads!

To get instant access to this training fill out the form below.


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