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Hello and welcome to my personal blog page.

My name is Craig Anderson and I am a Internet Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist.

Prior to becoming an Internet Marketer I owned my own general contracting business and made a very good living. However it had its draw backs and also took up a lot of my time and energy to run the business. I was constantly stressed out from all the things that it took to keep my business profitable. Dealing with customers, employees, suppliers, insurance, permits, licenses etc. I knew there had to be a better and less stressful way to make a decent living. Where I had more time to spend with my family doing more of things we enjoyed. That’s when I started researching how I could make a decent living from home. I wanted to find something that I go do from home and make good money at as well. Something that I didn’t need to have employees for and could do myself and would give me the time I wanted to spend with my family.

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I’ve tried several different networking opportunities and like most people in the industry, I’ve had my years of struggle. I’ve been involved in the industry for several years now and my first few years were nothing but struggle. I did everything that my up line told me. I made my list of friends and family, contacted them all, post fryers, handed out business cards, purchased leads and spent hours and hours on the phone trying to convince people to join me in my business. And if you have done any of these things, you know that they absolutely do not work.

I then tried to move my business on the internet. I spent months of trial and error and research, spent hundreds of dollars on e- books and courses, just trying build my business on the internet. I made some progress, but I still couldn’t make more than just a couple hundred dollars a month.

That’s when I stumbled across a guy that was having incredible success online with his business. He was making high five figures a month with his Internet business and was willing to show me how. He showed me how to market my business on the Internet the right way. He exposed me to a system and a different way of a looking at my business that completely changed my results. My business literally exploded in the course of a few weeks. It was a that point I that I was able to close my contracting business and become a full time work from home Internet Marketer.

Now I was lucky enough to have someone show me, and if you haven’t had anybody to show you this yet, you might not know it’s possible. So that’s my goal here today is to share that with you.  Because I’ve been in your shoes, I know you’re tiered of struggling, I know you’re tiered of doing things that just absolutely do not work. And you know there’s a better way. You  know there’s smarter way of doing your business, and a better way of getting the results that you want.

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Now if you doubt me that’s fine, I can understand that, I not asking you to believe me here at this point. I will prove it to you in the Free training that I am going to provide you. But all I want you to know is what’s possible. I want you to imagine for second, having a marketing system in place that basically does all of the hard stuff for you. That virtually eliminates all of the reasons why most people fail and struggle in this industry. Imagine a system where you don’t have to chase people anymore. Where you actually have people contacting you on a regular basis. Imagine no more spending hours on the phone qualifying people, dealing with dead beats and tire kickers. Imagine no more prospecting, no more telling, no more explaining, no more selling ever again. Now how’s that possible? Well that’s exactly what I going to show you here today.

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