Internet Network Marketing – Online Prospecting Made Easy

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Thanks to internet network marketing the days of chasing family and friends and trying to convince them to join your business are gone.

Internet Network Marketing

With today’s technology and the internet, the network marketing industry has changed quite significantly. This has allowed net-workers to leverage the internet and technology to build their businesses. The days of chasing around people who are not interested in your opportunity are now a thing of the past. You can now target people who are looking to join a network marketing opportunity, and position yourself as a leader in front of them.
With internet network marketing you can generate more leads in a single day than you ever could chasing people around your local town in a whole week. And most these online marketing strategies are free so it can save you money on your marketing budget as well.

With that said I still believe that the traditional old school network marketing methods are important skills to have and I will always embrace them. But the fact is that many people that get involved with MLM don’t have a huge warm market to talk to about their business, or don’t yet have the skills and confidence to approach strangers with out getting frustrated if they are not interested in joining them in their networking opportunity. This is an old school marketing strategy that is hit and miss and there is no guarantee that the people you talk to are interested in joining a networking opportunity. But with the internet you can position yourself in front of people who have already expressed an interest in finding out more about the industry or a specific company. Chances are that what ever company you are involved with, there are at least 1000 or more people per month searching for more information about it in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.Internet Network Marketing

So can you think of better way to talk to these people that have already been searching for more information about your company. If you were the person who supplied them with more information that they were already interested in? Boom!! You just landed another partner for your business. And if at the same time you could also give them them the tools and skills needed to be successful by using internet marketing themselves? You have just started a life long relationship that will help you both have a more secure future in the industry. Today there is not an easier or more effective way to find people who are interested in your opportunity than the internet. With all the social networking sites on the internet it has never been so easy to connect with people and build relationships with interested and highly targeted prospects.

Through the use of the internet you can build relationships and create leverage in your business even while you sleep, Think about it? I am actually building a relationship with you right now as you read this and I am probably sleeping or doing something else to promote my business, so can you see the effectiveness in internet network marketing?

One of the most powerful strategies of an online marketer is the use of a blog. If you are in network marketing and are not using a blog to build relationships, generate leads, and sell products related to your industry, your are missing on major part of your business. With the internet and technology available today you have at you fingertips, the tools to grow your business and leverage your time that was not available to net-workers in the past.

Here are some of the benefits of internet network marketing that you can utilize to grow your business fast and effectively.

  • Leave your friends and family alone.

  • Generate 50+ leads per day for free.

  • Take your business online.

  • Build Relationships.

  • Leverage your time.

  • Automate a lot of the work.

  • Your business is open 24/7.

  • Attraction marketing. (People contact you about your business)

  • Train your team online.

  • Create multiple streams of income.

Training PlatformSo now you can see how powerful it is when you combine the internet and technology to build your network marketing business. There is a lot to learn but I have a steam line system in place to help you get off to a fast start and take 12-6 months off your online learn curve. This training platform will teach you everything you need to now about bringing your business online and start getting targeted interested leads quickly. It also will show you how you can profit from the people who are not interested in your primary business. This will help fund some additional marketing expenses for you business. Simply subscribe to my newsletter in the upper right corner of this page to get free access to my internet marketing boot camp.

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Anonymous May 5, 2011 at 2:08 PM

You got it Jym. Thanks for the comment.

Jym Tarrant May 4, 2011 at 12:16 AM

Bang on Craig!

This is the way of the future for MLM. Generating your own leads online is now relatively simple and anyone with a little time and a good internet connection can do it.

Why spend all your time talking to people who have no business running a business, when you can connect with people who are LOOKING for a business?!

All the best,

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