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A lot of us are sharper

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you’ll need to obtain.

You need to execute some “due diligence” before you invest time and money into a business opportunity. Here are a number of things to look in support of.

Needless to say, you should be looking for a good product. Is it in demand? Is it different in some way that makes it more popular than its competition? How much competition does it have? Is there a “niche market” of folks who would really want this product but might not know how to obtain it? Those are a few of the questions you must be asking yourself.

In addition to the questions above, an extra factor to be looking for in a product is that, ideally, it must be something of worth and that increases in value over time. If you embody something that folks like to obtain over and over again, you have a lasting revenue opportunity. Repeat business is the greatest kind, since the customer already knows and trusts you and your product.

Next, you should  examine  the compensation arrangement. Does it sufficiently reward sales? Are the commission high enough, both in percentage terms, and in tangible dollars, to justify your investment of time in selling it? Is the strategy set up primarily to support sales, or primarily to support you for recruiting others who promote? You must know where to devote your time. You must know how much you are required to expend as a rep to maintain your right to your portion of the proceeds. That 1 can be huge glitch in a lot MLMs. Investigate it thoroughly.

How long has the company been in business and what is its reputation?. The average life span of many MLM company’s is only a couple years, according to articles I’ve read.. Many go out of business. The company’s that have endured the test of time, and continued to expand, are the company’s I’d focus my time on. I’m involved in one new business right now, but I did it since the group operating the business have a lengthy track record in a different company that is set up much the same way. I took a risk on the “startup” because of the track record of the group involved.

While all of the above is crucial, knowledgeable professionals point to 1 other thing that could be the most significant of all. The amount of the support and training you’ll receive. If you’re a veteran marketer and recruiter, this really is not an issue, but the fact is, many of us are not. A lot of us new to MLM are totally inexperienced. We need assistance. Where is that help meant to come from in any Network Marketing company? Your Upline, Sponsor, and/or Group Leader.

These professionals point out that the single most significant thing in assuring your victory or failure in MLM lies both with the amount of the training that the business itself provides, and the amount of training you can expect from your upline. Join a notable company under a lackluster Sponsor or Leader, and you more than likely won’t reach very far. Join a so-so business with a terrific Sponsor or Leader above you, and your chances of long-term accomplishment are much greater.

Find a terrific business, with a product you’ll be proud to represent and can expect to do well with, and after that shop around for whose team you like to join. If you can find one whose leaders know what they’re doing, and can train you to do the same, you’ve got the greatest opportunity of success possible, straight from the get go.

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Mandie Millard November 2, 2010 at 9:35 PM

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Tandarts November 1, 2010 at 3:54 PM

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