Your Home Based Business -How to Explode it by Recruiting Professionals

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How Do You


Your Business.

If you would like to get beaten down and battered trying promote your home based business, keep tying to recruit broke people that have no business or social skills. Many people who are promoting a network marketing business opportunity tend to to recruit DOWN,They recruit people that are less socially connected or that have less money. Recruiting for your business that way is a sure fire way to constantly have to agonize about who is going to stay on autoship, answer questions about their skepticism, and in general get frustrated with the complete home based business model. What if I told you there is a easier way to recruit? What if you were able prospect and recruit people who already work on a commission basis that cut their umbilical cord to a salary check years ago? Folks that are hungry for success and HIGHER on the social economic ladder. For many of you, this will be a major breakthrough in reciting…

Everyone wants to be successful right?

Maybe that is why many of us tend to target those that NEED something to change in their life by recruiting down the financial ladder. What is wrong with targeting those type of people is that typically, not always, those that are really struggling financially also have the highest degree of belief that the world is out to get them and everything is a scam. Also they are easily influenced by others that may suggest what they are doing is not in their best interest. Most business professionals do not fall into that way of “stinking thinking” quite as easily. They don’t usually let others influence their decisions as easily. Would you rather have 2-3 business professionals that understand and already know and believe that they can be successful, or bring in 30-50 people who simply don’t understand business and how operate in a professional way? Don’t get me wrong here, any person with any background can build a thriving home based business, but, I have witnessed an easier way for those who are already in the professional services industry so why not target them?

One of my mentors  Todd Falcone , recorded a webinar on this recruiting method. Todd is well-known for teaching how to target professionals for any network marketing business opportunity. Todd is an expert at cold calling professionals and locating those interested in making additional money outside of their profession. I want to point out, that Todd Falcone DOES NOT teach general prospecting, he ONLY teaches how to target professionals. And the great thing about the methods he uses to locate these leads is totally free. He actually has pre written scripts that you can use to recruit professionals, and teaches you a way to locate and prospect an UNLIMITED amount of leads at ZERO cost. I learned a lot from him in this webinar and I think you will too. I want to give you FREE access to this exclusive training webinar that you can’t get anywhere else unless you pay for it. Todd does have a product he talks about at the end of the video but whether that is for you or not is besides the point, if you want to learn how to explode your home based business by recruiting professionals, fill out the form below and you will get instant access to the webinar recording.

Or simply click here to go to Todds website for more information.

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Alecia Stringer November 8, 2010 at 2:04 AM

Excellent Tips, everyone needs to seek out professionals in their business. Get nothing but the best and you will have a valuable team. Thanks.

Emilio November 7, 2010 at 11:04 PM

Craig, I couldn’t agree with you more. Unfortunately I learned these lessons the hard way. This post will save a lot of people a lot of HEADACHES, if they listen,


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