2 Easy but Often Overlooked Steps for Network Marketers to Recruit on Autopilot.

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If you know what you’re doing, recruiting in MLM could be as straightforward as to riding a bicycle, then  again if you don’t what you are doing it may seem as diffucult as rocket science. Unfortunately, 9  out 10 individuals that are involved in a mlm company do not know how to do it, they go after friends and family to try to persuade THEM that this is a great opportunity, when you do that you turn into a  salesperson. If you become skilled at These 2 simple methods, you will be a recruiting machine!

Step 1: Realize Who Are The Right People For Your Opportunity.

The majority of network marketers are introducing their opportunity to a group of people that have a  “security mentality” “a 9 to 5 job mentality”, now there is nothing wrong with that but you want  to stay away from them because they have no aspiration to start their own business, there are  exceptions to the rule bust must likely they never will. These prospects are recognized as your warm  market. The right person is someone who voluntarily takes action to discover more about an opportunity or service that you have. Otherwise, they are the inappropriate prospects. Think of yourself. How do you feel  when your are out with your family and your cell phone rings with a telemarketer on the other end  begging you into buying a product or service when you never requested for information in the first  place. It can be quite annoying. That’s like network marketers approaching someone they know or don’t know for that matter about what they have to offer when no one ask for it.

Step 2: Learn How To Have Your Prospects Come To You.

Instead of wasting away time, effort and money chasing after the inappropriate individuals, why not just  learn how to have the right kind of prospects chase you instead. Can you imagine having 10 people a day contacting you about your opportunity? You do this by introducing a solution to their  problem. They will static to raise their hand and want more information. What to you have now?  Hungry quality prospects approaching to you looking to discover more about your product or service that  you have to offer. It is also a good idea throughout this process to take the time to forge a  connection with them to build trust. People do business with people they like and trust. This is done by mentoring and providing value. At this point, you can also introduce your opportunity to these same prospects and if the timing is appropriate, those that enjoy the value you provide and see  you as a leader will be more willing to take a look at what you have to offer. However, for all this to work you must be targeting the proper prospects to begin with. This is what’s known as Autopilot recruiting.

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